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Past Winners


Veronica Eve Vine

Miss Strip 'n' Slide 2018-19

The Goddess

2019-20 was Veronica Eve Vine's year! Gaining herself 3 titles within 6 months of taking out the coveted Miss Strip 'n' Slide title, she went on to take out 2 more!

The redheaded sex-siren was lucky enough to take away 2 titles on her title-winning night proving the talent she possesses was put to good use.

Now taking on a management role, we can't wait to see how Veronica performs in the future!


Valerie Sass

Miss Strip 'n' Slide 2020

The Strawberry Blonde Bombshell

Valerie Sass was in the adult industry for only a year before she took out the top title for 2020's Miss Strip 'n' Slide.

The mesmerising talents of sensuality put her over the top and gained her the reputation of a natural-born talent.

Hoping to continue her reign in the adult indsutry, we are looking forward to Valerie's undoubted success!


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